Chocolate Mint, Covered Spoons, Coffee Cream, Rock Sugar Candy

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Mint Chocolate Covered Spoons, Creamy White Chocolate, Rock Sugar Candy

Pass the sugar and cream please! Do you remember what Rock Candy sugar tastes like?
It taste pure and simple and that is how my little spoons will sweeten your coffee. No chemical taste or after taste. Try them and see!

One thing that all of you coffee and tea lovers have to keep in mind is that your coffee or tea has to be hot to melt the sugar quickly. But when it does, the sweetness is terrific. Pure cane sugar combined with white Belgian chocolate and your cup of Joe is delicious.
They were meant for each other. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I took before and after photos of a cup of coffee above-that shows how light it makes your coffee.
That is a good sized cup. I didn't add any milk or cream of any kind.

I can make them as just creme too or if you don''t like creme but love coffe with chocolate, I will make them in milk chocolate or dark chocolate for you.

Each spoon is triple dipped, hung to dry, and the Rock candy is under the last 2 coats of chocolate so that it doesn't get messy for you. Each spoon is shipped in a food quality clear cello bag and orders of 12 or more are shipped Priority Mail in bakery boxes.
stand up on a counter top upright with a red bow to annouce their presence.

I ship these in 3 to 5 days from the date of order and then it is 2-3 days by mail.


$1.35 USD Add To Bag
Quantity Available: 315 pieces

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Sugar Bakers Bakery
Allison Park, United States


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