Teal Edible Sugar Diamonds Jewels Gems Barley Sugar Hard Candy 30/60/120/240

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TEAL Edible Sugar Diamonds Jewels Gems Barley Sugar Hard Candy
See drop down boxes for other FLAVORS

NOTE: NONE of my lollipops, hard candies or baked goods are made with HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP

Have some fun decorating that special cake . The sugar candy gems will bring smiles to your table - for sure.
They can be ordered in blueberry flavor or without flavoring (so them don't interfere with the icing flavor.

The flavorss can be found in the drop down box on this page.They are 3/4 of an inch wide.

Here are the approximate quantities in my foil packs :

2 ounces (oz) foil pack - 30 Gem Stones
4 ounces (oz)foil pack -60 Gem Stones
8 ounces (oz) foil pack - 120 Gem Stones (order from this page)
16 ounces (1 pound) foil pack - 240 Gem Stones

If you would like 2 colors to mix or three or four, it isn't hard to figure out.
Say - you need 240 gems to decorate a wedding cake. That is about how many that are in a 1 pound foil pack. OK so you want 4 different colors. Then because a pound is 16 ounces. Divide your total by 4 and buy 4 foil packs of 4 oz . Each in a different color that you want and mix them together.

The colors I can make are in the drop down box but I need your to add your flavor to the note section at check out.
Enjoy and come back soon :)

$6.50 USD Add To Bag
Quantity Available: 2 pieces

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Sugar Bakers Bakery
Allison Park, United States


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