Gourmet, Lavender Flavored, Edible Violas, Giant Lollipops, Barley Water, 3

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Gourmet, Lavender Flavored, Edible Violas, Giant Lollipops, Barley Water, 3

Well, you don't have to worry about insecticides or any toxins on the Violas, the petals are very edible and gently float through the lolli for your amusement. This lollie is special to my shop. It is flavored with English Lavender Oil and has so very many medicinal benefits. The aroma is calming and so is the real thing. Take a stroll on line and read for yourself.
I did pretty them up with a matching raffia ribbon tie and if the long strands are to wild for your taste,
you may cut them off to a more sensible length:)

This order is for multiples of (3) THREE large lavender pops
The Violas are sweet and very edible but the Lavender oils take over and give them a slightly bitter taste. This are in season now, so take advantage of me and my garden. You are welcome!

The pops are 2 1/2 inches in diameter, wrapped in food quality cellophane, tied with silver twist ties or satin-your preference! The sticks are 4 1/2 inch long sticks. The pops store forever if not left in the sun,stored in a cool place or frozen and would make a great souvenir for your guests.

Once the flower petals are imbedded in the hard candy they last as long as a year, actually would make a charming souvenir of your special day!
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