7 Brewed Coffee Lollipops, Favors, Snacks, Picnics, After Dinner Coffee, Coffee to Go

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Brewed Coffee, Lollipop Favors, Snacks, Picnics, After Dinner Coffee, Treat

Everyone needs a little caffeine lift now and then and these delicious lollies will provide it.

You'll get (7) 2 inch lollipops that are packaged individually and shipped in bubble wrap pockets.

You'll love these pops if you like your coffee with cream and sugar !. You can't go wrong. These lollipops are made from high quality organically grown coffee beans freshly brewed. You should just smell the aroma in our kitchen right now. It is like walking into an exclusive coffee shop and I am loving it.

These lollies are made without any artificial flavorings or colorings and taste just like a cup of great coffee with cream and sugar. Cold they may be but storeable in your pocket or purse for a quick sugar and caffeine energy boost when you need it.

They are individually wrapped in food grade perfectly clear cellophane pockets, tied with a silver twist tie and then a white raffia ribbon. They ship safely in an individual envelope of bubble wrap.

If you are a coffee lover, you'll be a steady customer once you try this candy.
I know you'll enjoy them:)

$10.00 USD Add To Bag
Quantity Available: 18 pieces

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Sugar Bakers Bakery
Allison Park, United States


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